• What can our community do?
    Summer Meltdown

    With so much of our world changing since Covid-19 became a pandemic I felt like offering a suggestion.

    The event community prides itself on its ability to adapt and to overcome great challenges. It is the very nature and essence of what we do when we come together and co-create a community.

    How do we maintain that sense of community with gatherings not just being restricted, but being ethically irresponsible?

    I believe this is an opportunity for this resilient and creative community to come together and show the established paradigm how we respond to crisis.

    Let’s form a community council.

    The event production communities should come together and establish standards.

    The community deserves to know what is being planned to ensure that we can continue to gather.

    The event producers have the right to formally present their needs to the government during this pandemic which is having a devastating effect on the livelihoods of so many that we know and love.

    I call on the leaders of the community, the event producers, the event promoters, the department and small business leaders, the vendors, theme camps, and anyone else that contributes to events and has been affected by this world event.

    Let’s find a time and a place to come together virtually and form a council to advocate for our industry and our community.

    – Moose