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2o2o Vision Coming On Strong…


2019 was an interesting year for sure. Released a calendar, released a couple card series, and attempted to start a magazine. Just as I was starting to read all the entries my kids moved in with my and my life changed. Since then things have been busy; I’ve been “getting my shit together” and trying to stay ahead of that existential dread.

In the process of that the magazine, Front Left, never launched, I still have all the poems, stories, and images I received collated in my briefcase. The past being the past, I finally filed for divorce on December 31st and I’ve entered 2o2o full steam ahead.

This year’s calendar Compost 2020 has been produced with the intent of creating a calendar that is not merely single use. The images of the calendar have been created so that they can create a poster collage of all the images. The full size poster print should be available in the store in the next couple of days, but like most things, I’m still getting my shit together.

In addition to Compost 2020 there are other projects planned for this year. A series of magickal texts, currently in the public domain, to be published as new editions of the catalog of a way found press. With any luck Front Left should come out this year, albeit altered from its initial form. Hopefully a couple of contemporary books and zines will also be published this year, but we’ll see how that goes.

Finally, the upcycled journals that I began producing as @astitchinbind on Instagram will enter the product line of a way found press. How that will happen I’m still figuring out, maybe adding journals one at a time as I make them, maybe having some sort of special order option, either way I’m gonna post pictures of past journals on the blog.

I think that long winded bit is all I have for now, hopefully you’re still with me after all that.


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