Pocket Notebooks

This is where it all started at for me. I was on a road trip to work a bass music festival in Wisconsin with two friends. By the end of the trip one of those friends was my lover, now my partner, and the emotions that came with three people in a van with one seat, needed to be written about. I didn’t have any notebooks with me, but the need to work through my thoughts drove me to make some out of an old paper bag and a cracker box.

That notebook, and the great people who were there for me during those times, started me on a habit of making journals out of trash. First just cardboard and brown paper, later making a couple hardcover and leather-bound books. The energy put into binding larger books made me feel that I should bind pages filled with an artist’s intention.

Now its 2o2o, I’ve published two calendars, a couple card series, and made an attempt at a magazine, and I’ve learned quite a bit. Just setting the intention to bind more pages full of textual and visual art.

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