Compost 2020

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Folded: approx 215.9mm x 148mm
Unfolded: approx 215.9mm x 297mm
14 pages

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Organic waste is prolific.

When organic waste goes to a landfill, it decomposes without the presence of oxygen and releases significant amounts of greenhouse gases; it never becomes compost. Keeping your organic waste out of a landfill is one of the most profound choices you can make as a consumer. Taking accountability for trash in your own backyard instead of kicking the can down the road saves on the energy to transport and process waste in what is a multi-step, multi-facility, multi-fossil-fuel-burning-machine endeavor. Consider how far what you buy travels before you buy it, and research the process that happens when you throw it “away.” Oh yes, the magical Away! We love that place.

No. That part’s a joke. There is No Away.

About Sophia Nielsen

Sophia Nielsen is a trash artist and educator trashionate about waste awareness and bad puns. Growing up in the Portland area, she used to take hours to walk to elementary school because she would try to save every wayward worm on the way. Now, she makes friends with compost maggots. She earned her BFA from Chapman University in 2017, with her thesis sculpted of found trash “There is No Away” installed in a 40yd dumpster. Working as a Sustainability Consultant in event production, she strives to alter what she calls the “away mentality” of trash by shifting the way it is represented and dealt with in communities everywhere.

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