Leave No Trace Cards


Seven cards featuring original art by Sophia Nielsen to raise money for the Leave No Trace team participating the Hood to Coast to raise money for Providence Cancer Center.

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This series serves as part of a multi-faceted fundraising effort by Hood to Coast’s Leave No Trace relay team as they raise money for Portland’s Providence Cancer Institute. In this classic Oregon relay event, each team will run from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast across the Oregon landscapes. The Leave No Trace team hopes to raise awareness of the principles of leaving no trace in these integral natural wonders as they go

Inspired by the precious and diverse landscapes of Oregon, and spurred by a need to protect them, each of these original designs illustrates a principal of Leave No Trace and features species from Oregon’s Endangered Species List.

From “Be Prepared and Plan Ahead” depicting nut-storing Washington ground squirrels to the beloved Oregonian Sasquatch preserving Oregon wildflowers by “Walking and Camping on Durable Surfaces,” these cards playfully personify human impacts on the environment using animal characters.

Sold in packs of seven.

Includes one of each design.

25% of all proceeds from the cards will go to Providence Cancer Institute.


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$20 for seven cards plus $5 shipping and handling.