Varden M Frias

Varden M Frias is a twenty-six-year-old indie author of dark fantasy, gothic horror, and dark science fiction. He lives in California and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University based in Winter Park, Florida. This past March 2018, he celebrated the debut of his first indie published novel: Colden. For many years, he has enjoyed writing novels as a passion and aspires to make it into a full-time career. Both his professional and personal experiences thus far have prepared him for a life of novel writing.
      Besides self-publishing a novel on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Frias has worked as a freelance blogger for Blogmutt submitting nonfiction blog posts for online clients. He also has a four-time winning streak (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017) for National Novel Writing Month, finishing four 50,000 word novels each November of those years. In 2012 he published a short story to his community college literary magazine the Bakersfield College Roughneck Review and won a creative writing contest earlier that year.


Cover design by Naheed

It’s spring 1773 and Leslie Colden is a determined young cross-dresser hellbent on scientific discovery and philosophical quandaries. However, when a mysterious killer attacks the local village where Colden has chosen to roost for a spell, the path to science is held in question by the forces of the paranormal.

You can get your copy of Colden from Amazon here.

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